6YL-68 Cotton Seed Oil Press

6yl-130 Screw palm kernel oil press is an advanced oil expeller machine which retains the benefits of traditional oil press with sturdier structure and adds an automatic heater for hot extrusion that increases the rate of oil output. The Model 6yl-130 palm kernel oil press machine has large capacity and reliable performance and it is suitable for small farms of 3-15 hectares, processing with supplied materials from outside for individual household or pre-pressing in submerging oil workshops. It is favored by large and medium-sized sized oil extrusion workshops due to its advantages of economical and practical. The palm kernel oil press can be used to process seeds from a variety of oil plants and enjoys great popularity among customers in Africa and South America.

Features of 6YL-68 Mini Cotton Seed Oil Press
1. Compact structure, easy operation and less maintenance.
2. Various oil plants can be extracted with the cotton seed oil press.
3. Cast iron machine base ensures smooth cottonseed oil extraction.
4. Average rotating speed with the special gear box.
5. Continuous working with low noise.
6. High oil yield and superior grade of cottonseed oil cake.Mini Cotton Seed Oil Press

The 6YL-68 small cotton seed oil press enjoys great popularity in the global cottonseed oil extraction market. As a professional manufacturer of cottonseed oil extraction plant, we specialize in the production of all kinds of cotton seed oil press and cottonseed oil extraction plant. We also customize cotton seed oil press according to different requirements of customers to realize the maximum of interests of customers.

Cottonseed oil:

Cottonseed oil contains a large number of essential fatty acids, which is most appropriate to be mixed with animal fat food. Due to the high content of linoleic acid in cottonseed oil, it can effectively inhibit the rise of cholesterol in the blood to maintain the health of human body. The absorption rate of human body to cottonseed oil is 98%, it is the ideal edible oil. Moreover, because of the relatively low prices of raw materials, cottonseed oil is a cost efficient edible oil.

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