Screw Oil press

Screw oil press refers to the oil extraction machine that pushes oil plants in the pressing chamber forward continuously and extract oil under dynamic extrusion. Screw oil press has the features of high yield, strong adaptability and continuous operation, etc. It is widely used for crushing various kinds of vegetable seeds, such as peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower seed, cottonseed, palm seeds, etc. The screw oil press is made of high-grade materials with excellent performance, easy operation, durable and less maintenance. We offer oil presses,including screw presses,integrated oil presses and auxiliary equipment. It is available in a wide variety of capacities and specifications with competitive prices.

Small Screw Oil Press
Small oil press is mainly used in small and medium oil mill. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and high production. High carbon steel and heat treatment improve the service life of small oil press and make it suitable for continuous operation of high temperature and high pressure. The small oil press can be used for decades.
    • XG-80 Screw Small Oil PressXG-80 Screw Oil Press

    • XG-95 Screw Small Oil PressXG-95 Screw Oil Press

    • XG-100 Screw Small Oil PressXG-100 Screw Oil Press

    • XG-120 Screw Small Oil PressXG-120 Screw Oil Press

    • XG-125 Screw Small Oil PressXG-125 Screw Oil Press

    • XG-130 Screw Small Oil PressXG-130 Screw Oil Press

Specifications of small screw oil press:

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Net weight(kg) Size:(mm)
XG-68 screw oil press 40 5.5 140 880*440*765
XG-80 screw oil press 80-125 5.5 330 1320*540*1020
XG-95 screw oil press 160-200 7.5 520 1910*610*765
XG-100 screw oil press 160-200 7.5 480 1860*550*695
XG-120 screw oil press 200-300 15 680 1970*700*780
XG-130 screw oil press 375-500 18.5 820 2320*700*780

Automatic Screw Oil Press

Fully automatic oil press is the latest oil equipment developed on the basis of small screw oil press. The automatic oil press is equipped with automatic temperature control system and vacuum filtering system, which not only improves the oil yield, but solves the problem of oil purification with more simple operation and higher production efficiency.

    • XG-80A screw oil pressXG-80A screw oil press

    • XG-100A screw oil pressXG-100A screw oil press

    • XG-120A screw oil pressXG-120A screw oil press

Specifications of automatic oil press:

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Net weight(kg) Size:(mm)
XG-80A screw oil press 80-120 4+0.55+2.2 880 1700×1100×1600
XG-100A screw oil press 200-250 4.5+0.75+3 1100 1900×1200×1600
XG-120A screw oil press 300-350 11+0.75+3.75 1300 2600×1300×2300

Large Screw Oil Press

Large screw oil press, also called pre-press machine, is suitable for pre pressing or twice pressing process in large oil plant. It can be used alone as the oil press or as the pre-press machine of oil plant. According to the market demand, we developed a new generation of cold pressed oil machine, specifically designed for cold pressed oil plants. The cold pressed oil machine is suitable for crushing organic plants and high value-added crops. In the pressing process, the oil temperature is lower with high oil yield and low residual oil. Oil produced by the cold pressed oil machine has relatively shallow color, good quality and rich nutrition and able to reach the standard of oil in the international market.

    • ZX18 Screw Oil PressZX18(200A-3) Screw Oil Press

    • ZX24 Screw Oil PressZX24 Screw Oil Press

    • ZY24 Screw Oil PressZY24 Screw Oil Press

    • ZY24A Screw Oil PressZY24A Screw Oil Press

    • ZY32 Screw Oil PressZY32 Screw Oil Press

    • DZY338 Cold press screw oil pressDZY338 Screw Oil Press

Specifications of screw oil press:

Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Net weight(kg) Size:(mm)
ZX18 screw oil press 7-10 18.5 5000 2900×1850×3240
ZX24 screw oil press 15-20 30+5.5+3.0 5500 2900×1850×3640
ZX28 screw oil press 40-60 55+11+4.0 9160 3740×1920×3843
ZY24 screw oil press 40-50 30 5500 2900×1850×3640
ZY28 screw oil press 120-150 75+11+4.0 9160 3740×1920×3843
ZY32 screw oil press 220-260 110+11+5.5 11000 4100×2270×3850
DZY338 Cold press screw oil press 200-260 185+7.5+3.0+1.1 15700 6300×1440×3290

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